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What Is A Detox?

The first stage of recovery from substance addiciton is usually a detox, where drugs are eradicated from the body. A medical detox is the process of eradicated drugs from the body using a replacment drug to control withdrawal symptoms.

How An Opiate Detox Works

How Does A Detox Work?

During an opiate detox, you’ll be looked after by medical professionals, who will keep a close eye on you during the process, ensuring your detox is as safe and pain-free as possible. We offer inpatient or outpatient detoxes.

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Opiate & Heroin Rehab

Once drug withdrawals have been safely managed and the body is detoxed, the next stage of treatment is usually drug rehab, where clients receive therapeutic treatments for continued abstinence and to cope with life without drugs.

Break Free From All Opiate Addictions

Opiates are available in numerous forms, coming in capsules, tablets, syrups and a solution which may be injected. They may also appear as nasal sprays, suppositories, lozenges and skin patches. Heroin can be administered in many ways, smoking it, commonly referred to as `chasing the dragon` entails heating the drug on a piece of tin foil or a ripped open drinks can and breathing in the fumes. Many users also snort heroin or take it intravenously through injection, considered the most hazardous method, which increases the possibility of overdose.

There are many different types of opiates, some of which are more potent than others. These include:

  • opium
  • morphine
  • methadone
  • codeine
  • hydromorphone
  • hydrocodone
  • oxycodone
  • fentanyl
  • pethidine
  • levorphanol
  • methadone
  • tramadol
  • dextropropoxyphene
  • heroin

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Heroin & Opiate Detox London & UK-Wide

Heroin, otherwise known as diamorphine or smack, is fashioned from morphine and considered one of the most addictive and widely used opiates in existence. It is also among the most dangerous, affecting millions of people across the globe.

Opiate is a pharmaceutical designation for drugs derived from opium. Also referred to as opioids, the term applies to both synthetic and natural substances which attach to the opioid receptors in the human brain. They are alkaloid compounds, which appear naturally in the opium poppy plant. Opiates are often used to treat chronic or acute pain and if you take opiates for medicinal purposes, you can receive the strongest legal medication with a prescription from a GP. However, they are increasingly taken illegally for their sedative characteristics and utilised in the production of recreational

However, it is not recommended by some to incorporate opiates when managing chronic pain, as if you continue using beyond the confines of your treatment it could lead to an addiction.

In many cases, people can acquire an opiate addiction unintentionally. They take the drug to receive the required high but often do not consider the dangerous consequences or after effects.

Opiates can give you a heightened sense of happiness and relaxation while making you feel sleepy and lethargic. Heroin is also a strong, overpowering drug, where you can experience vomiting and dizziness the first time you take it.

Call Today For Immediate Drug Detox Help & Advice

Get the right support and advice when you need it. Start your drug detox in London today

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Fast Treatment, Effective Results From Opiate Addiction

Detox nurse on telephoneWhen you take the drug over a long period of time you may build up a tolerance, where you must take more to increase the dosage to receive the desired effect. You may become addicted to opiates without knowing it, developing a craving where you feel you cannot carry on or function without them.

Many people abuse opiates on purpose, for recreational reasons or to deal with any work, family or money worries which may be preying on their mind. Some take opiates as an escape from any pressing concerns or underlying issues they may have. Furthermore, it has long been considered there is a strong environmental or genetic component to addiction, where many with a history of dependency in the family or grew up with an alcoholic or parent with a dependency, may follow them down the same path. It has also been reported many people suffering from mental health issues like anxiety or depression may fall under the grip of opiate addiction.

Heroin is amongst the most well-known opiates; which people take for its euphoric effects and how it impacts the analgesic central nervous system. It can make you feel the required high while changing the mesolimbic pathway, also known as the reward centre of the brain. They bar how you perceive pain while enhancing the pleasure receptacles.

If you are a long-term user of opiates then it can alter your brain function, bringing on both mental and physical dependency. This can lead you to undergo symptoms of withdrawal if you stop taking the drug.

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Experiencing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal can have a detrimental effect on your health and well-being. However, the greatest risk inherent in taking opiate painkillers is the risk of overdose. This can come about if you lose track of how much you have taken, combined it with other substances such as alcohol or overindulge to dangerous levels.

Many people do not appreciate that taking opiates against medical advice can build up a tolerance which can quickly turn into an addiction. Ultimately wrecking your life, as well as possibly endangering it. The risk of overdose, as well as how it affects your health, finances and relationships are important factors to consider before heading down this path.